Selected Works

Scientific American, April 2015.
Skeptical look at the skeptical movement, May 2016.
Don't hold your breath for the Singularity. IEEE Spectrum, June 2008.
Profile of Jose Delgado, pioneer of brain implants, Scientific American, October 2005.
"Cross-check" (Scientific American blog), August 12, 2014.
Drones may soon become ubiquitous in U.S. skies.
Investigation of peyote use in Native American Church. Discover, February 2003.
An account of Horgan's efforts to achieve satori in a Zen class.
A profile of the German anthropologist and authority on shamanism Christian Ratsch.
A profile of Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer, authors of The Guru Papers.
A profile of the Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast.
A profile of the British Buddhist Stephen Batchelor.
Profile of guru Andrew Cohen, founder of What Is Enlightenment?
A list of articles written for Scientific American and other publications.