To contact John Horgan about an event, email him at jhorgan@​

1/​13/​12. Horgan on The Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC TV.

2/​2/​12. Horgan on The Diane Rehm Show (nationally broadcast radio program).

2/​4/​12. Horgan talks to mega-pundit and mogul Robert Wright.

2/​7/​12. Horgan on the online site This was my son's idea.

2/​13/​12. Horgan kicks off a series of war-related discussions with other guests, from Jimmy Carter to Cornel West, on The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC Radio.

2/​15/​12. "Stirring it Up: John Horgan and the Journalism of Provocation." Horgan discusses science journalism and his wayward past with Lee Hotz of the Wall Street Journal at New York University's Carter Journalism Institute.

2/​15/​12. Horgan discusses war and gender with science journalists Thomas Hayden and Ann Finkbeiner on the science blog "The Last Word on Nothing."

2/​18/​12. Horgan on Big Think, internet television program.

3/​7/​12. Horgan gives a talk at Rutgers University, Division of Global Affairs.
http:/​/​​watch?v=EEt1Uahkfd8&feature=plcp (first of 4 clips)

3/​18/​12. Horgan talks with Brad Jaconson on Alternet.

3/​20/​12. Horgan talks with Thom Hartmann on "The Big Picture."

3/​24/​12. Horgan on

3/​27/​12. Horgan with Scott Horton on Antiwar Radio.

3/​29/​12. Horgan at Columbia University in an event sponsored by Columbia's Earth Institute and Center for the Study of Science and Religion.

4/​3/​12. Horgan talks about war with David Swanson, Jackson Lears and Mark Crispin Miller at McNally Jackson Bookstore, New York City.

4/​11/​12. Horgan talks with David Swanson on Talk Nation Radio.

4/​11/​12. Horgan discusses The End of War with philosopher Lisa Dolling, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J. Thanks to Lisa for making me look good in front of all those hypercritical students.

4/​14/​12. Horgan with Mike Feder on Sirius Radio.

4/​22/​12. Horgan talks to bioethicist Jonathan Moreno on the online site Shindig.

4/​26/​12. Horgan at the Hastings Center for Bioethics, Garrison, New York.

5/​20/​12. Horgan at the Desmond-Fish Library, Garrison, New York.

5/​28/​12. Horgan on "The Takeaway," NPR radio show.

5/​29/​12. Horgan talks to Sandy LeonVest on Progressive Radio.

6/​13/​12. WNYC's Brian Lehrer wraps up "End of War" series in a special show with Horgan, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and others.

7/​20/​12. Horgan interviewed on Veteran's Voice Radio Show, KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland, Oregon. http:/​/​​node/​37078

7/​23/​12. Horgan interviewed for Summer of Peace 2012, The Shift Network. http:/​/​​node/​2386/​dl

8/​2/​12. Horgan interviewed on WGXC Radio, http:/​/​​archives/​4800.

8/​17-18/​12. Horgan speaks at 14th Annual Kateri Tekakwitha Peace Conference, Fonda, New York. For information see http:/​/​​.

9/​6/​12. Horgan interviewed by Cory Duchesne for the website Core Webworks, http:/​/​​community/​horgan.php.

9/​20/​12. Horgan speaks at Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, Beacon, New York.

10/​27/​12. Horgan participates in panel discussion on "Male-Male Competition" at the Helix Center, New York City. For more information see http:/​/​​#Event/​598.

Selected Works

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With Reverend Frank Geer. Edited and with an Introduction by Robert Hutchinson. Brown Trout, 2002. Royalties go to Help the Afghan Children Inc.
Misc. Writings
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An essay published in the New York Times, December 31, 2002.
An essay published on the oped page of the New York Times Christmas Day, 2002.
A list of articles written for Scientific American and other publications.
Outtakes from Rational Mysticism (published here only)
An account of Horgan's efforts to achieve satori in a Zen class.
A profile of the German anthropologist and authority on shamanism Christian Ratsch.
A profile of Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer, authors of The Guru Papers.
A profile of the Benedictine monk Brother David Steindl-Rast.
A profile of the British Buddhist Stephen Batchelor.
A profile of the guru Andrew Cohen, founder of What Is Enlightenment?, with digressions on Yogi Bhajan and Amrit Desai.